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Cutting Services

Listed below are several of the cutting methods in which ALC operates. If you are not sure which is best for your material and project needs, we will be glad to help you evaluate the effectiveness and value of each method for your specific project. ALC is capable of cutting and engraving most of the materials currently used in manufacturing.

Laser Cutting
Laser cutting is the cutting process wherein gases are excited by electricty, creating a concentrated and targeted heat source. Our system's beam width is about .001, which allows for extremely accurate tolerances. In most cases + /- .005 or less is acheived.

One of the greatest benefits to laser cutting is that there are no expensive tooling charges — this makes laser cutting absolutely ideal for prototyping and subsequential runs while refining a design. However, once the design is complete and finalized, you may decide to switch to more conventional cutting methods to reduce production manufacturing costs.

Laser cutting is great for runs that are small and simple. Don't waste time and money ordering expensive tooling and set-ups for a 10 piece order — laser cut it with ALC instead!

The laser cutting process is well suited to a variety of materials, such as wood, paper plastics, rubber, and foams to name a few. If you have a material in question, please contact our support staff!

MA ME VT Routering Services Routering
The routering process cuts using a motor powered high-speed spindle containing a cutting bit. This aparatus is computer driven and guided using programmed files.

Routering is a very cost efective process for part marking, aluminum configures, metal backers, plastics and wood. For additional routering materials capabilities, please contact ALC.

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