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Save money by prototyping with ALC!
We'll help you eliminate the cost and long turn-around-time of tooling changes during prototyping.

If you follow a prototyping method of product development, you know that any intricate many-detailed cut-out parts like graphic overlays can require expensive tooling, which will add extensive time to your project. Then, if the part is modified, you once again acrue considerable costs in time and money to have tooling revised.

Military, Medical, and Industrial Prototyping

Laser cutting your prototype parts can greatly minimize these costs and issues. Laser cutting is ideal for a work in progress: if the product needs to be changed, there is no need to order new tooling all that is required is corresponding adjustment to the drawing file that controls the laser. Once the product is proven, you are on your way.

Design Services

Let ALC help you get your project off the ground!
Do you have a project in mind that you just haven't been able to get off and running with? Then ALC offers you all of our staff's combined experience in design and prototyping. We can guide you from CAD drawing to prototype to production. Between ALC's own in-house services, and those accessible through our network of other technology providers, we can take you every step of the way — perhaps even 'a step beyond!'

No Drawing? No Problem!
You've got a great idea, but perhaps you're not sure where to start or how to get computer files and drawings generated. No need to learn everything — you've got ALC to turn to. We can turn out the CAD drawing and programming necessary to get things moving.

Have your drawings already? For cutting, engraving, and prototyping, ALC can work with numerous formats, including DXF, DWG, PDF, JPEG, and many other artwork files. Please contact ALC for more information.

When you work with ALC, you get all of us!
By choosing ALC as your service partner, you get the combined expertise of our entire staff on your side. Pick our brains! We'd love to help you figure out a better and more cost effective way of going from drawing to finished product. We'll do our best to keep you glad that you chose us — ALC WILL go a step beyond.

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