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Supplemental Add-on Services

Going a step beyond for our customers!

In addition to its primary line of services, ALC has gained the tools and capabilites to offer the following supplemental services. These capabilities complement our primary service lines, enabling us to serve you more completely. Would adding one of these services bring your project one step closer to completion? Please discuss your needs with us.

Here is a sampling of these additional services:

  • On-site Dark Room: allows ALC to do imaging for silk screens in house
  • Packaging/Bagging: - Does an item we've engraved need to be bagged as the final step? Need your item heat-seal bagged or anti-static bagged, even one we didn't manufacture for you? ALC can do it.
  • Converting / Laminating: The application of adhesive backing to make labels or stick-on emblems/badges out of your items. We offer all 3M™ products such as 467, 468, and 950MP just to name a few. Label products are also available as clear caps, matte caps, and matte acetate.
  • Power Shearing: is the way to go for cutting certain materials. ALC can do it.
  • Fabrication: small run fabrication, stock-to-dock timed released runs, whether or not we cut your parts to begin with
  • Welding: Do the parts we've cut for you need to be welded together? Save the fuss of involving yet another vendor.
  • Drilling: Why bring in a separate vendor for simple drilling steps if your product is already going to be at our shop?
  • Heat Cutting: In addition to regular die cutting, our heated press is used for specific materials.
  • Inventory Control: ALC is able to accommodate your inventory control needs - can ban, structured shipments, blanket POs, timed shipments, stock to dock, etc.

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